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3D Printing Cluster: Can 3D printing already be used in Aerospace?
25 November 2020
On November 19th, 2020 the first (online) 3D Printing Cluster meeting took place. The Cluster is set up for all companies involved in 3D Printing. Both users and suppliers of the technolog...
HR-Cluster: Talking about Temporary Sharing of Employees within the Aerospace sector
25 November 2020
On November 18th, 2020 the HR-Cluster met again (online) to discuss the challenges we have to face in this time in the field of HR, personnel etc. This session was a follow-up of the  HR-C...
NAG Segment Meetings: Sustainability devided in 4 topics
13 November 2020
On November 5th, 2020, the NAG Online Segment Meetings were held. We were happy to welcome many participants to share knowledge and discuss current topics within our different segments. Th...
Webinar Cybersecurity: recap & Youtube link
3 November 2020
On October 29th 2020 the NAG organized a webinar on the subject Cybersecurity in close collaboration with Holland Instrumentation and Innovation Quarter. This webinar was made possible by ...
[DUTCH] Technische samenwerking tussen het College van Belanghebbenden Luchtvaartonderwijs CvBLo en NAG.
29 October 2020
Tijdens de CvBLo bestuursvergadering van 28 oktober zijn twee belangrijke besluiten genomen. 1.  Het CvBLo heeft een nieuwe missie en rol. Het nieuwe CvBLo gaat zich focussen op de verbind...
Eezeetags certainly still believes in a prosperous future!
29 October 2020
“Speaking of the prosperous future: we still strongly believe in that at eezeetags®!” – Borry Vrieling, Founder and managing director eezeetags® Last week we received a p...
Eezeetags gelooft zeker nog in een voorspoedige toekomst!
29 October 2020
“Over de voorspoedige toekomst gesproken: daar geloven we bij eezeetags® nog sterk in!” – Borry Vrieling, Founder en managing director eezeetags® Wij kregen vorige week een mooi beri...
[DUTCH] Uitnodiging NLR voor Power UP! The future of flying
28 October 2020
Op 9 november a.s.  van 10.00 – 11.00 uur organiseert het NLR het online event “Power UP! The future of flying” ter gelegenheid van de aankomst van het eerste in NL gereg...
[DUTCH] De Nederlandse High Tech Equipment industrie – The next steps!
28 October 2020
De Nederlandse hightechindustrie levert een belangrijke bijdrage aan de welvaart en het verdienvermogen van Nederland. Vanuit het Kernteam Sleuteltechnologie (topsector HTSM, kennisinstell...
Webinar: Business opportunities in Brazilian Airports and Air Transport: the vision of the Ministry of infrastructure of Brazil
25 October 2020
This was the latest event in the series on business opportunities in Brazilian Airports – a series co-hosted with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Brazil and the Dutch Enterprise Agency. ...
Look back online HR-Cluster meeting
22 October 2020
On October 21th, 2020 the online HR-Cluster  meeting took place. The purpose of this meeting was gaining knowledge by sharing experiences and insights about the major HR challenges our org...
Look back introduction course aviation
29 September 2020
On Thursday 24 September, the NAG organized the introduction course aviation at Aviodrome in Lelystad for the 6th time. The introduction course was the first live gathering since COVID-19....
Nieuw lid! Stanton Chase
28 September 2020
In gesprek met Helen Jong, executive search professional bij ons nieuw toegetreden lidbedrijf Stanton Chase. Helen adviseert bedrijven bij het vinden van senior leiders en executives. “Ik ...
1 September 2020
In 2018, Pratt & Whitney, a United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX) company, awarded a new contract to KMWE Group to manufacture F135 engine Nozzle fabrications. The F135 engine is the p...
All you want to know about the Fact Finding Mission Airports in Brazil
3 August 2020
Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America and its continental size makes aviation essential to bring regions together, connecting from the smallest local communities up to its cosmopo...