Avion Group

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Pesetaweg 63
2153PJ Nieuw-Vennep NL

Contact details:

Irina van Heeswijk
T: +31 20 225 8484
E: info@aviongroup.aero
W: www.aviongroup.aero


  • Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Services

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Avion Group is a Dutch company focusing on Level D Full Flight Simulator design, manufacturing, and operation. We have an EASA Approved Training Organization (ATO) and operate Flight Training Centers in Malta and London. Later this year, we will open a new training center in Athens, Greece.

At Avion, we set up regional Flight Training Centers at our customer’s locations, designed to our customer’s specific needs and requirements. This substantially lowers flight crew training costs by avoiding hotel costs and daily allowances. It also reduces travel risks and improves the crew productivity of an airline.

More importantly, we deliver an ultimate training experience that excites even the most seasoned pilots in the world.