Pekago Covering Technology

Address details:

Nieuwkerksedijk 19
5051 HS Goirle NL

Contact details:

Hermann Thorsen
T: +31 13 534 8434


  • Airport Development & Infrastructure
  • Aircraft Manufacturing

Location on the map:

Pekago develops moulds and produces Injection Moulded parts and Structural Foam Moulded parts for high value products for the Medical / Analytical devices-, Technical Equipment- and Aircraft Interiors market.

Some characteristics:

  • Experience with high performance plastics
  • AS 9100 D certified
  • Specialist in small and medium lot sizes
  • Long term experience in aircraft industry / programs
  • Engineering department for (co)-development and manufacturability
  • Injection moulding machines from 15T up to 2100T
  • New moulds and mould transfers
  • Supply of complete products/systems by in-house services
  • CNC milling, painting, assembly, bonding, welding etc.



  • Parts for PSU’s (hoods, lights, air grids, oxygen release covers)
  • Covering parts for cabin, galley equipment, pantry and lavatory
  • Technical parts (brackets, hinges)