Technology Park Ypenburg

Address details:

Laan van Ypenburg 108
2497 GC 's-Gravenhage NL


  • Airport Development & Infrastructure
  • Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Services

Location on the map:

Technology Park Ypenburg (TPY), situated near Den Haag and Delft houses a cluster of high-tech companies focusing on the development and production of composite and hybrid structures/components, electrical systems components.

At TPY the full spectrum of composites and electrical solutions is available from our community of companies, from early-stage feasibility assessments to large scale manufacturing of parts and final products.

High tech aerospace companies such as Airborne, KVE, Promolding, GTM, Brookx, Zeroavia, Robin Radar and Unified International are part of the TPY Community. TPY welcomes companies interested in becoming part of this thriving ecosystem with production facilities, office spaces, meeting rooms available for their expansion and join the industry and community events we host.