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Peter Frankena
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  • Airport Development & Infrastructure
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Adecs Airinfra

Within Adecs Airinfra we distinguish two main activities;

  • Airport IT Solutions: development, implementation and support of IT solutions
  • Airport Consultancy: research, analysis and advisory on several issues

We help to optimize and support the airport processes. We support clients through project management, project implementation, research and implementation of IT-solutions like our AirLink AODB system or AirSignage FIDS. Our portfolio consists of the following products and services.

The growth of aviation poses restrictions in several areas like the capacity of runways, airspace and/or the passenger terminal, environmental concerns (noise, emissions, air quality) as well as spatial planning. Therefore, an airport is always seeking for a solution that maximizes the benefits while minimizing the negative impacts.


  • Aircraft Noise Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Environmental Policy Assessments
  • Sustainable Airport Development
  • Quantitative Risk Assessments
  • Airspace and Procedure Development
  • Airport Infrastructure Development


  • Flight Information Systems (AirLink)
  • FIDS control system (AirSignage)
  • Common Operating Picture (AirMap)
  • Tracking and control system (AirSurf)
  • Flight registration systems (AirFee)
  • Noise Control Tools