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Aircraft End-of-Life Solutions (AELS)

Aircraft End-of-Life Solutions (AELS) develops and executes end-of-life strategies. AELS provided sustainable and green solutions to high profile clients, such as KLM, NATO and TNT. Our total end-of-life solution package consists of three services. We provide these services to different clients, who can be aircraft owners (airlines, lessors, traders), aviation manufacturers and MRO companies. 

AELS offers AFRA (Disassembly BMP) accredited disassembly and dismantling services for customers or on aircraft consigend to or bought by AELS. For the components removed from these aircraft AELS offers ASA-100 (FAA AC 00-56A) acrredited component management. This service includes elements such as logistics, recertification management, marketing and sales.  The third service of our total end-of-life solution is geared towards the remaining airframe but also to MRO companies and aviation manufacturers. AELS provides AFRA (materials recycling BMP) accredited recycling services for unserviceable components and production leftovers. AELS adds value by maximizing the green performance without compromising aviation safety and maximizing cash for our customers.

To see if AELS has any component in stock that can help you support your aircraft check our website for more information. AELS has several thousand components in stock.