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Nikkelstraat 18
1411 AK Naarden NL

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Johan Bakker
T: +31 35 694 5545

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AKF/AGF Industrie

AKF/AGF Industrie B.V. is a long established specialized company active in the field of thermoplastic injection moulding. Among her activities are processing and converting of highly specialized thermoplastics even up to the application of fillers like glass and carbon fibre.

The company is located in Naarden at approximately 20 km’s south of Amsterdam. The company is of small to medium size which enables the company to be fast, responsive, accurate and most flexible. The drive is to offer quotations within 24 to 48 hours. Project realization is performed with outstanding focus and dedication. The company is, as one of the very few injection moulders in The Netherlands, AS/EN9100 certified and has a long history of aerospace and aerospace related supplies of thermoplastic components.

Fields of activities within thermoplastics injection moulding are:

Product Development
The company performs by herself or assists customers in designing thermoplastic parts and products in such a way that they can be manufactured in a responsible and optimal way. In this process the company focuses at two main areas of manufacturing; design for cost price as well as technologically feasable. Parts and products are designed or reshaped in such a way that they can be manufactured incorporating the proper technology at the best possible costs.
The company is based on a 3D SolidWorks® CAD platform and utilizes Hypermill® CAM software.

The company design, constructs and manufactures most required thermoplastic injection moulds in-house. Therefore the company owns her own toolshop. In spite of high cost pressure from low wage countries it is the firm believe of the company that customers are best of with moulds manufactured in-house. This ensures quality, control and dedication to a project. It also enables the company to control the entire work flow related to an injection moulding project.

Injection Moulding
Besides mouldmaking the company also specializes in performing thermoplastic injection moulding in-house. As such the company is able to offer the complete process untill final product realization in thermoplastics. For these activities the company uses state-of-the-art technology and machinery. Finally end-assembly is also offered in-house.

As such the company is a real one-stop-shop for thermoplastic components and products, especially aerospace related.