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Parellaan 14
2132 WS Hoofddorp NL

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Han van der Vleuten
T: +31 23 564 5000

  • Airport Development & Infrastructure
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Services
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Atkins B.V. is an aerospace engineering company, located in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, near Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport. Atkins B.V. is part of Atkins, one of the world’s leading engineering and design consultancies, with more than 17.500 employees worldwide and about 400 of them work in the aerospace sector.

Atkins has been delivering high quality aerospace engineering solutions for over 15 years. We offer broad capability, extensive experience and technical excellence to clients that shape the aerospace industry. Effective delivery in the aerospace business requires an in-depth understanding of technical integration issues, agility (such as the ability to mobilise skilled teams quickly), effective integrated working processes, and a commitment to developing strong client partnerships. At Atkins we seek to provide our clients with the technical solutions they need to keep their products at the forefront of aerospace engineering, coupled with a delivery model designed to respond to the requirements of a truly international sector. We have dedicated aerospace offices across the UK; Hoofddorp, the Netherlands; Seattle (Kirkland), US; and Bangalore, India.

Atkins B.V. is specialised in the design, engineering and analysis of airframe and gas turbine components, including mechanical systems and systems installation, ranging from conceptual design and feasibility studies, up to detailed design, certification & testing support. The technical skills are the result of many years of experience with national and international aerospace organisations. Atkins is experienced in using the following IT tools: CAD – CATIA V4/5, Unigraphix NX; CAE – MSC/Patran, MSC/Nastran, HyperMesh, ESACRACK, ABAQUS, SC03, DYNA3D, Mathcad, ISAMI, LAP.

Atkins B.V. is certified for the following Quality Management System Standards: ISO 9001:2008, AS 9100 Revision C and EN9100:2003.

Atkins plans, designs and enables solutions!