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Avion Group

Ready for the future

We have embarked on a journey that is both exciting and challenging. Maintaining the highest standards that flight simulators can offer today and creating highest quality training programs that meet the expectations of tomorrow. Combined, you are in the lead of getting your own, sophisticated and cost-efficient flight training center, ready for the future.

Cost efficient in all aspects

When you can guarantee the hours, Avion Group will set-up and operate the flight training center for you. It’s even possible to operate a single bay center. If needed, Avion sees to 24/7 operational support with the selection and training of local maintenance staff. We give aviation companies of all sizes the opportunity to reduce training costs and minimize travel time of pilots.

Fully self-contained

The most important part of the Avion Flight Training Center is the Full Flight Simulator. The integration of all systems and components within the simulator is the technological fundament of the Avion Full Flight Simulator, making it a fully self-contained device. That’s why we can provide the highest standards in training, while remaining very cost efficient. Costs are saved on maintenance, effective training, facility infrastructure and energy consumption. Avion is the first simulator manufacturer to combine and integrate the latest proven technologies.

Nothing to lose, a world to win

Summarized, we can set up your training center, designed to your specific needs and requirements. Having your own flight training center will substantially lower flight crew training cost (hotel cost and daily allowances), reduce travel risks and improve crew productivity. There is no cash out investment required in the simulator. However, you keep having the opportunity to buy the simulator at a later stage if desired. Most importantly, we deliver an ultimate training experience that surprisingly excites even the most seasoned pilots in the world.

Check out our corporate video at our website, to get a glimpse of the opportunities we have to offer at Avion.