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Beechavenue 137
1119 RB Schiphol-Rijk NL

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Peter Boeijink

  • Aircraft Maintenance
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LR Systems

LR Systems was established by Stratagem Group and its associated partners, being Paul van IJsselstein, Peter Boeijink and Pieter van Mal. 
The origin of the company dates back to 2008 – 2014, when the Stratagem Group team led a cluster of 30 companies and institutions to study and develop new technology for Anti Corrosion & Surface Treatment. The project was partly funded by the Dutch government and the Provinces of Noord Brabant en Zeeland. During this time all available paint stripping technologies were studied and evaluated. The study resulted in a preliminary concept for a paint removal system on the basis of a high power laser mounted on a robotic platform. The initial validation of this concept was done by the Netherlands Aerospace Center in 2012. 
After engaging the market with various business cases, feasibility studies, and testing, in December 2014, LR Systems came into existence to complete the development of the Laser Coating Removal robot and subsequently prepare for its global launch. In parallel to the LCR, in 2015 a robotic paint solution was also initiated and named the Automatic Paint Robot (APR), which is currently still under development. Both LCR & APR will be the largest production robots in the world today, able to handle aircraft such as the A380, B787 and C-17. 
The company looks to the future to leverage on its robotic heritage into various sectors and applications.