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SABA Adhesives & Sealants


For more than 80 years, SABA has been  a producer of high-quality adhesives and sealants for industrial and building applications. One of SABA’s specialties is the production and development of high-performance sealants for pavement constructions at airports, such as joints in runways, aprons,  taxiways, tank pits, de-icing platforms and washing facilities. SABA’s objective is to support clients in reducing costs and creating a high-quality joint construction. 

Furthermore, the time available for maintenance has become more limited over the past few years. SABA reacted to this by offering products for sealing airport pavement constructions that have a significantly longer service life, are fast to apply, easy to repair and require little maintenance.


SABA Sealer Field
2-component self-levelling chemical resistant sealant

  • high resistance to chemicals such as oils, fuels and de-icing agents resulting in a reduced danger of Foreign Object Damage (FOD)
  • the high polysulphide content of SABA Sealer Field (30%, mixed product) ensures unsurpassed long-term performance with an expected service life of 20 years or more (references available)
  • high UV resistance
  • temperature resistance from -50 up to +120 ˚C 
  • complies with SS-S 200E and CE mark on the basis of EN 14188-2 class A - D and European Technical Approval (ETA-07/0050)

SABA Sealer Fast – NEW!
fast 2-component self-levelling sealant

  • easy and fast to apply
  • cures very fast: surfaces can quickly be put back into use
  • CE mark on the basis of EN 14188-2, class A - D, as well as ZTV-Fug StB