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Helen Jong
T: +31 6 19947273

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Jong Search & Consultancy


Helen Jong is a professional search consultant specializing in finding senior and executive leaders in Aviation and Automotive industry:

  • With 20 years of industrial leadership experience, she brings solutions to aid clients in finding and selecting executive talent
  • At the same time, she supports competent and inspirational leaders to transition and to make purposeful steps in their career to excel in CEO, COO, CBO, CSO, CTO roles.

Helen Jong is a professional business partner, offering consulting services to help companies grow and innovate:

  • She recognizes and relates to the challenges of clients especially regarding innovation and growth – business development, developing a licensing business, building a new organization, developing new networks and partnerships
  • She brings solutions to support clients in business and organizational planning, and managing operations
  • Clients recognize Helen for bringing curiosity, a creative mindset, candid communication in executing projects while remaining pragmatic, performance oriented and passionate at what she does.