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Sun Test Systems

Sun Test Systems ( STS) designs and manufactures aviation test equipment and complete end-of-the-line test beds for trucks.

For the aviation sector the focus lies on smart mobile hydraulic test equipment which cleans the aircraft hydraulic fluid while doing system tests. The concept was originally developed for the German Ministry of Defence / Luftwaffe and is now widely incorporated in all our mobily hydraulic trolleys. The main customers are found in the military sector although also MRO organisations working in difficult environments have an interest in rugged and reliable equipment which is able to perform under and withstand hot and dusty climates.

Especially the new line of multi-function mobile tester, the MFAGE and the latest large hydraulic trolley for fighters have been designed with desert climates in mind, and have a proven track record in Spain, Australia, Afghanistan, Iraq and New Mexico.

For aircraft component testing STS offers a variety of designs of universal automated test stands for MRO shops, for electrical, electro-mechanical, fuel, pneumatic and hydraulic components. These test stands feature the use of decentralised computer boards connected through an ethernet connection and can therefore be approached through the internet for checking and repair if necessary.

The company has a permanent staff of about 60 employees in the Netherlands (in Weesp, near Amsterdam) and also owns a small facility in the UK.

STS originates from US manufacturer Sun Electric Corporation and came to the Netherlands with the Starfighter program in the early sixties. Since then test equipment has been developed for a variety of aircraft and applications. Today, STS is privately held by Dutch investors.

For the coming years STS aims to broaden its customer base in the Middle and Far East.