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Harm Albers
T: +31 548 633 933

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TenCate Advanced Composites

TenCate Advanced composites is a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced composite materials for a variety of demanding applications. The group produces continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic laminates, thermoset and thermoplastic tape materials, thermoset and thermoplastic prepregs, adhesives and syntactic foams. The group operates prepreg facilities in the United States, Canada, UK and the Netherlands. Its aerospace facilities are approved with ISO9001:2008 and AS9100:2004 Rev B approvals. Each of these facilities has full capability for the production of high performance materials. 

TenCate is a leading supplier of high performance materials to the following segments:

  • Commercial & military aircraft
  • Satellite and space structures 
  • Radomes for military & commercial aircraft and defense systems
  • UAV programs 
  • Aircraft interiors 
  • General aviation and helicopters 
  • Missile applications 
  • Industrial applications
  • Automotive & Motorsports applications
  • Oil & Gas Tubing