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Hurksestraat 23
5652 AH Eindhoven NL

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Herman Rusch
T: +31 40 292 2055

  • Aircraft Manufacturing
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VDL GL Precision

VDL GL Precision is operating in the market as a specialist in producing high tech mechanical components and tested modules. We are an established supplier in the markets for the Semicon-, Medical-, Pharma-, Scientific – and Aerospace industry.

VDL GL Precision is recently certified by Lloyd’s against AS9100 Quality System.

We offer all possible machining operations but also engineering, fast prototyping, cleaning, assembly, including clean room assembly.

VDL GL Precision has extended capacities in a big variety of machining operations such as CNC Milling, Turning, Drilling, Boring, Grinding and Measuring. Additionally to the machining operations we offer Laser Welding, Spark Erosion and Wire Erosion and Cleaning processes.

We operate with the latest technologies and our machines are partly robotised and automated. We distinguish from our competitors in that sense that we ca produce in the field of high accuracy, able to realise sub micron tolerances with most modern an new machines.

Our facilities are very proper and clean and adapted to the latest environmental requirements.

We are located in the heart of the High Tech Industry Area in Eindhoven, Nederland.