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From: 04 Nov 2018
Till: 09 Nov 2018

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Airport & ATM Mission China

Expected results for the participants

  • Gain a better understanding of challenges and opportunities in the airports and air traffic management sector in China, on the level of individual airports and nationally.
  • Get introduced at a high level at airports, related companies and institutes in China.
  • Discuss and identify opportunities for collaboration and/or business opportunities.

Background and opportunities

For over five years, the numbers of aircraft passenger movements in, to and from China have consistently grown with more than 10% per year, significantly higher than the growth of the economy. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimated in 2017 that China will overtake the USA as the world’s largest aviation market in 2022, two years earlier than initially expected.

This large growth brings forth numerous challenges for aviation infrastructure. At the moment, the amount of national level airports in China is still only 2.1 per 100,000 square kilometers, whereas a comparable middle income country like Brazil already has 3.5. The central government has announced the country will build at least 66 new national level civil airports in the coming five years. Next to that it will execute a multitude of that number in upgrades and expansion projects, and build 900 new airports for general aviation.

At the same time, seven of the world’s top ten most delayed airports are located in China. The country has inefficient air routes, and outdated air traffic control systems. This is also a major operational hazard for KLM, which has a lot of slots in China. Institutes of Chinese state-owned enterprises are proposing ambitious plan to update the country’s air traffic management.

In other areas, China is much more advanced, and in some cases even ahead of the Netherlands. In the area of drones and UAVs, Shenzhen-based DJI has a staggering 72% global market share in commercial drones, and EHang is building the world’s first autonomous passenger-carrying drone. These are interesting developments for low altitude air traffic management. Another example is the Aviation Brain of Alibaba. Also in the area of airport construction, China is becoming increasingly advanced. The world’s largest airport is being built in Beijing, to open in 2019.

History of missions with government involvement

In the past, there have been multiple missions of airport-related companies to China, mostly focused on sales. The last one took place three years ago, and visited Beijing. In the years before that, Nanjing, Wuhan, Xiamen and Dalian had also been visited. However, no follow up missions were organized because of diminishing interest from the Dutch side.

Recently however, we have noticed there is renewed interest in China, for example in Guangdong, which is upgrading all of its major airports as part of the “5+4” backbone airports masterplan. Also in Shanghai and Hangzhou there are new upgrades planned.

Next to that, the Netherlands and China have establishing a formalized cooperation on aerospace in 2015. Air traffic management is one of the three core areas on which China and the Netherlands want to cooperate. As a part of this collaboration, multiple experts meetings have taken place, leading to joint project proposals for research, joint development, and consultancy projects. There is less focus on sales, and more on long-term cooperation.

Dutch airport and ATM organization which have already successfully established themselves in China are also interested in a joint presence with government-backing. In consultation with the China representatives of these companies (Vanderlande, NACO, To70), this program has been established. It is likely these companies will also participate in the mission.

Summary program

  • Sunday 4 November
    Arrival in Shenzhen
  • Monday 5 November
    Visit to & discussion with Shenzhen Bao'an Airport
    Travel to Zhuhai
    Reception with Consul-General of Dutch Consulate at Guangzhou in Zhuhai
  • Tuesday 6 November
    Attendance of China Airshow
    Travel to eHang
    Visit to & discussion with eHang
  • Wednesday 7 November
    Visit to & discussion with ATM Bureau South-Central
    Visit to & discussion with Guangzhou Baiyun AIrport
    Travel to Hangzhou
  • Thursday 8 November
    Visit to & discussion with Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport
    Travel to Alibaba
    Discussion at Alibaba
  • Friday 9 November
    Visit to Pudong International Airport  with AVIC CARERI experts
    AND/OR Sino-Dutch expert meetings
    Farewell dinner

The extensive first draft of the program can be found here.

Costs & Registration
Participation costs are € 1.400,- excluding VAT for NAG members and € 1.850,- excluding VAT for non-members. This includes organisation costs, local support, flights within China, local transfers, hotel (5 nights) and breakfast/lunch/dinner (5 days).

This fee excludes travel to and from China and personal expenses. A travel itinerary with suggested flights will be shared in advance.

A minimum of 4 participants for the programme is required to be able to organise this programme.

To register, please fill in the form on this page or contact the NAG office. Registration is possible until October 14th, 2018.

More information
For more information about this activity please contact the organising team at the NAG office:
Frank Jansen
Sjoerd Keizerwaard

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