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Molengraaffsingel 10
2629 JD Delft

From: 21 Sep 2021
Till: 21 Sep 2021

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Workshop “How to create new business in a creative way?”

We would like to invite you for the workshop “How to create new business in a creative way?” on September 21th from 09:30 – 12:30.

Many companies/SMEs need to innovate their products/services because they:

  • Are forced to change their product/market combination due to  the energy transition (making it more sustainable);
  • Have been hit hard by COVID19 and have discovered that it is important to diversify (different markets).

During the workshop you will look together with other companies/SMEs how you can achieve (cross sectoral) cooperation through open innovation and research where you can strengthen each other.

Target Audience:
In particular, we invite SMEs in the aerospace, airport development, automotive, maritime and energy sectors to participate in the meeting.

We are still working on the design of the program. More information about this will follow in August.


For the workshop we have reserved  the auditorium of Yes! Delft, Molengraaffsingel 10 in Delft. 

Participation is free of charge

The workshop is made possible by a TKI HTSM grant

We hope to welcome on September 21th!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

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