Strategic dinner implementation NAG-Airbus MoU in Paris

The Dutch Ambassador Mr. Pieter de Gooijer hosted a strategic dinner about the implementation of the NAG-Airbus memorandum of understanding (MoU) at his residence in Paris on October 5th.
The Dutch government supports the close cooperation between Airbus and the Dutch ecosystem, and was represented in the meeting by the Ministery of Economic Affairs and the Ministery of Infrastructure and Water Management.

A huge opportunity for the implementation of the MoU is the upcoming #Groeifonds (Growthfund) application of the Dutch aerospace sector. The growthfund proposal aims for a serious contribution to sustainable aviation by the Dutch aerospace sector (industry & knowledge infrastructure) in cooperation with the Dutch government.

Airbus CTO Mrs. Sabine Klauke expressed the support of Airbus to this growth fund proposal and offered a letter of support to the NAG and Mr. Peter Potman (dep Director General External Economic Relations, Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken), who accepted the letter on behalf of the Dutch governement.