Aalberts Surface Technologies Eindhoven B.V.

Address details:

Achtseweg Noord 5 (geb. AL)
5651 GG Eindhoven NL

Contact details:

Rick Bruggeman
T: +31 40 266 3000
E: info.eindhoven@hauckht.com
W: www.hauckht.nl


  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Manufacturing

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As part of the Dutch Aalberts Industry group, Hauck Heat Treatment Eindhoven B.V. is in the division Material Technology a specialist for heat- and surface treatment processes. Not only in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, the Aalberts Industry Material Technology division (AIMT), has over 30 plants in Europe.

In the aerospace industry, where quality and speed in production are critical, Hauck Heat Treatment is a reliable and strategic partner for first tier suppliers in the aerospace business. Operating to the NADCAP standard and supplier approvals we specialize for heat treatments like solution treatments and precipitation hardening as well vacuum brazing in air, gas atmosphere and vacuum. Nearby, Hauck Heat Treatment is also a specialist for in aerospace manufacturing well-known IVD process and as well CVD and PVD processes.

Hauck Heat Treatment is committed to working in long term partnerships and alliances. We support customers integrated product teams with our engineers or our own R&D for heat-and surface treatments. The latest new technologies are available for customer processes so we can promise you the most cost-effective process with the shortest possible trueputtime.

Hauck Heat Treatment is the access to a long time of experience in the heat- and surface treatments for the aerospace business, with our own R&D (25 people for the division) our skilled staff, know-how, procedures and equipment are at your services.