By being a member, companies and institutes show and support the strength of the aerospace ecosystem which makes the NAG a highly valued position partner.

NAG members are actively supported in the improvement of their competitive positions and international businesses. The NAG offers a wide range of services and financial benefits to its membership.

Promotion of collective interests

NAG membership means more visibility for your company and access to an extensive (international) network!

Your membership can contribute to increased revenue and continuity through the transfer of knowledge and promotional activities within the trade.

  • The NAG promotes members’ interests to national and international (government) institutes.
  • The NAG organises collective participation at international aviation-related events and exhibitions.
  • The NAG initiates and organises trade missions to both new and existing markets.
  • The NAG raises awareness of the aviation and aerospace sector (aircraft manufacturing, aircraft maintenance and airport development & infrastructure) through its extensive network, publications, and website.
  • The NAG supports collective business developments by setting up business cases and organising trade missions.
  • The NAG organise seminars, matchmaking events, and company visits which supplement collective participation in exhibitions and trade missions.

Knowledge centre

With the NAG knowledge centre, the association provides a wide range of specialist knowledge, particularly for the SME. The knowledge centre offers members support with different business cases and can also be contacted for specific questions regarding information about foreign markets.

  • Members can approach the NAG knowledge centre with questions relating to aviation.
  • The knowledge centre organises various clusters within the membership based on product-market combinations for the mutual exchange of information and the increasing of market opportunities.
  • The knowledge centre organises courses, initiates meetings and carries out specific projects on topical issues, including certification, innovation, export control, quality systems, and grant applications.

Individual business support

The NAG is involved in both national and international (development) projects and encourages members to participate.

With local NAG representation in Brazil, France, Turkey and the United Kingdom in combination with the network of embassies and consulates, members have at their disposal worldwide support in the area of marketing and sales.

Practical benefits

As an NAG member, you can enjoy several practical benefits:

Have a say in NAG policies and activities.

  • Discounted rates on exhibition participation, trade missions, training seminars and courses.
  • List your company on the NAG website, newsletter, brochures, annual reports, and international trade fairs.
  • Access to the NAG’s entire network and specific market information.

Membership fees (2024)

The NAG’s current contributions are based on the following sliding scale which classifies the member company according to the number of employees whose work specifically benefits the aerospace and airport development industry.

Category 1
0 – 25 employees
€ 3.418 per calendar year

Category 2
26 – 100 employees
€ 4.268 per calendar year

Category 3
101 – 250 employees
€ 5.562 per calendar year

Category 4
251 – 500 employees
€ 6.826 per calendar year

Category 5
501+ employees
€ 7.683 per calendar year

Registration fee: € 3.833
The registration fee is a one-off payment upon registering for membership.

Cluster discount
Clusters of companies belonging to a consortium or holding receive a discount on their contribution. This does not apply to the registration fee. This percentage is determined as follows:

  • 2 participants
    10% each
  • 3 participants
    15% each
  • 4 participants
    20% each
  • 5 or more participants
    25% each

“Starters” membership
Especially for start-ups, the NAG offers the possibility to be a Starter member for a limited period. A Starter is, in principle, a company that at the time of registration has not existed for longer than two years and has a maximum of four employees. The membership fee is significantly lower, knowing:
€ 1.711 per calendar year and
€ 830 registration fee

The maximum duration of the Starters membership is two years. After these two years, the membership can be converted into a normal membership whereby the registration fee already charged, is deducted from the total registration fee applicable in the year of entry.