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Planeetbaan 4, 3rd floor
2132 HZ Hoofddorp NL

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Eric van der Veen
T: +31 23 554 2255


  • Airport Development & Infrastructure
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Services

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Company Introduction. ADSE, located near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in The Netherlands, is the leading Dutch consultancy and engineering firm specialized in complex system engineering, high-tech solutions and related process integration for Aviation, Defence and Rail Transport and Infrastructure. We contribute from concept development up to certification, including the related production, operations and maintenance processes, and help achieve fast production ramp-up and operational maturity. Customers in aviation comprise of aircraft manufacturers, completion centres, 1st tier and other system and main suppliers, airlines, armed forces, MRO providers and authorities.

Added value of our team. ADSE employs 80 people with an average working experience of over 20 years.
Through a multi disciplinary, structured approach and extensive experience in the industry our teams help achieve best quality, lower life cycle costs and shorter throughput times, compliant to all regulatory aspects. We focus on where it matters most - integrating multiple technical disciplines and connecting technical and non-technical decision makers.

Consultancy Services. ADSE provides world class technical and process improvement consulting services based on our extensive experience on:

  • Aircraft design and performance analysis
  • Systems engineering, Configuration Management (CMII certified consultants)
  • Safety Management
  • Final assembly operations and Industrialisation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • RAMS analysis and maintenance engineering & asset management 

Engineering Services. ADSE has obtained the EASA part 21J Design Organisation Approval 21J.481 covering a wide range of modifications for:

  • Small Aero planes to CS 23
  • Large Aero planes to CS 25
  • Small Helicopters to CS 27
  • Large helicopters to CS 29

ADSE can provide approved design changes and repair designs according to customer specifications in the following technical fields:

  • Cabin Interiors
  • Galleys or other interiors equipment
  • Avionics
  • Installation of Avionics Equipment
  • Electrical Systems
  • Environmental Systems
  • Structure
  • Hydro mechanical systems

All minor changes and minor repairs can be handled under the ADSE DOA directly. Major modifications (STC) can be developed with eligible Design Organisations according to PART 21 subpart E using our highly experienced CVE’s which have been involved in major new aircraft development programs and major modifications worldwide.

Subsidiaries. To support the Swiss and German aerospace market with our consultancy and engineering services a subsidiary, ADSE AG, is located in Basel, Switzerland. MovingDot, another subsidiary of ADSE, is specialized in air traffic control operations, airspace management and design of ATM procedures. MovingDot’s services cover various domains of the air transport market including ATM service providers, airlines, airports and public authorities.