Koninklijke Rotra

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Breguetlaan 36
1438 BC Oude Meer NL

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Melkon Migdesyan
T: +31 20 658 8708
E: melkon.migdesyan@rotra.nl
W: https://rotra.eu/nl/


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Koninklijke Rotra - Aerospace division -  is partner of TALA (The Aerospace Logistics Alliance) and a specialized Aerospace logistics provider.

Rotra is equipped to provide 24/7 service with its experienced specialists and extensive knowledge. Aerospace fits our portfolio and matches our high quality standard of service within the Rotra Group. 

We bring logistics solutions and ideas to the aerospace industry, worldwide. Working closely with strategic decision makers, support long term vision and provide communication globally 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our ability to create and improve 'global Aerospace & AOG programs' that will support the customer, strategic distribution centers, vendors and OEM's will provide unprecedented levels of service and communication.

Our main customers are:

  • Airlines
  • OEM
  • Helicopter manufacturers and operators
  • Aircraft & Engine Manufacturers
  • MRO 

Rotra is TALA the Netherlands and Belgium.