25 april 2023

Innovation Mission to Brazil on Aviation

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Last week the Innovation Mission to Brazil on Aviation took place. It was organized jointly by the Netherlands Innovation Attaché Network Brazil, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the NAG. With great support of Joao Taborda (of Embraer), the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Waterworks.

The mission brought 13 companies, 2 universities and 2 institutes of applied science together and focussed on three major themes: sustainable aviation, military aviation and urban air mobility. This range of topics are highlighted to ensure we collaboratively work on the basis for the future of aviation.

We started the week on Monday and Tuesday with visiting Embraer, the major Brazilian aerospace OEM which is the third largest in the world and has already many collaborations with the Netherlands both in civil and in military aviation. The first day was focused on sustainable aviation and we had several presentations from both the Embraer and Dutch side.

After the presentations the participants had 1-on-1 meetings with Embraer experts and we ended the day with a tour of the production facilities which ended with they surprise of a showcase of Embraer’s newest defense aircraft: the KC-390.

On the other days, we visited innovation centers and Techpark: the local supply chain of Embraer.

A lot of work has come out of this mission. We will make sure to put it away with the right people and we are reviewing how we are going to approach the follow-up.

During the survey to evaluate this innovation mission, it turned out that this mission scored above expectation!