27 november 2023

New tools and staff for the NAG to help the members

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The NAG has recently acquired a number of new instruments from Top Sectors and Growth Fund to help its members, especially with business development. This concerns a wide range of services that will be explained below.

Let me first start by introducing myself to you. My name is Peter Kortbeek and since the beginning of this year I have been responsible for the SEA sub project of the growth fund project Luchtvaart in Transitie (LiT). SEA is about strengthening the Dutch aviation ecosystem and valorisation. In the Netherlands, a large number of parties from educational and knowledge institutions, small, medium-sized and large companies work together. The challenges of making aviation more sustainable require even stronger cooperation. And not only with Dutch parties, but also beyond. The strengthening of international cooperation in LiT is part of the SEB sub project, where Jan Bos of NLR is responsible for R&D and Kristian van Drimmelen of the NAG is responsible for the commercial activities. In addition, there is a National Collective Business Plan (NCBP) of which Jan Verbeek of ADSE is the initiator. There is also a sub project SEC, which deals with the Human Capital Agenda, with areas of focus on the numbers and level of education of employees in the future. The SEC sub-project is carried out in collaboration with CvBLo. During the General Members Assembly of the NAG, presentations will be given about the relationship between SEA, SEB and NCBP and which activities will be carried out in the coming year.

For SEA, I would like to give you a look behind the scenes.

  • Survey: In Q1 of 2024, a survey of members will be conducted by an external agency to gain insight into the aviation sector, including revenue, R&D spending, headcount and current customers. This survey is carried out in close cooperation with SEC, among other things to gain insight into the level of education of current employees and the training needs in the future. The survey in 2024 is a baseline measurement. The intention is to repeat the measurement in 2025 to determine whether the sector has grown. In addition to sustainability, this is one of LiT’s main objectives. Your participation in this survey is very important
  • Knowledge protection: Organizing training and individual support in the field of knowledge protection (Intellectual Property, IP for short). Knowledge and skills represent great economic value. Good protection is a prerequisite for converting knowledge and skills into earning capacity
  • Unlocking new technologies and cooperation partners: The current ecosystem, based on kerosene and gas turbines, will change. New technologies and parties will enter the market. This is often seen as a threat to the current business, but it also creates opportunities for new positions in the value chain if sustainable aviation is proactively addressed. One of SEA’s objectives is to identify new technologies that have been developed or are being developed in other sectors. This includes technologies to store, condition and convert hydrogen into electricity
  • Valorisation support: It is not easy to convert knowledge and skills into earning capacity. The aviation market is dominated by large foreign OEMs, and foreign national interests play an important role. By agreeing MoUs with large customers, the smaller parties are also able to respond to the developments at the OEMs. Good cooperation within the Dutch ecosystem and with the Dutch government is essential to get on board with new aircraft programmes, such as ZERO-e (Airbus) and Energia (Embraer)

So much for the insight into the planned activities. I look forward to meeting you at the General Members Assembly on December 7th.

Peter Kortbeek
06 5139 1114