4 april 2024

Unlocking Opportunities: Insights from a Fruitful Mission to the US Aerospace Industry

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Last week’s mission to the US was incredibly fruitful. We’re excited to leverage the insights and opportunities we discovered, mainly in commercial aviation. From insightful talks with NASA and Supernal in DC to meeting the teams at Aurora, Airbus, and Delta, we experienced firsthand the actual status of the innovation and how they positioned to collaborate.

Witnessing the focus on sustainable energy sources at NASA and Supernal in DC was particularly inspiring. Our discussions with key players within the industry revealed exciting alignments in research topics, opening doors for Dutch companies in light materials, structures, hydrogen, and electrification.

This mission accelerates cooperation with the American ecosystem, with recognition for the coordination efforts of the Netherlands Innovation Network, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate policies, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the NAG Advancing your Aerospace and Airport Business.

Our “biodegradable sandwich panels,” affectionately known as “stroopwafels,” were a hit with our VS partners, proving once and for all that sustainability can be delicious!


Fueled by insightful participant feedback, we’ve identified these key learnings:

“The journey through key aerospace hubs in the US was enlightening, showcasing emerging technologies and sustainable aviation initiatives”.

“ We have seen a lot of new technologies that are important for the future MRO”.

“The mission highlighted the Netherlands’ opportunity to lead with regards to sustainable aviation, we have to act fast to make a difference!

“The entrepreneurial climate in Wichita and Atlanta was particularly promising”.

“The focus on SAF and AAV/UAM’s/e-VTOLs was impressive, and we were pleased to see a deeper exploration of sustainable aviation elements.

“We extend special thanks to our mission leader Frank Jansen, and our dedicated DC NL Embassy team for their exceptional efforts in assembling a high-caliber group and maintaining a professional atmosphere throughout”.

“The well-balanced program received praise, with standout moments including visits to Delta and enriching discussions with industry experts. Connections forged during the mission have promising potential for swift business success”.

“Overall, the mission was a resounding success, providing valuable insights and laying the groundwork for future collaborations in the aerospace industry”.