About NAG

The NAG strives for the continuous optimisation of its members’ ability to compete internationally. To realise this collective ambition worldwide, we support our sector through exchange of knowledge, advocacy, access to national and international markets, and our network.”


The NAG is the trade association for national and international organisations established in the Netherlands and active in aerospace & airport development. The NAG has more than 100 members who together represent 95% of the Dutch aviation industry’s revenue. The NAG’s mission is to continuously optimise the Dutch aviation industry’s ability to compete internationally. To realise this collective ambition worldwide, the NAG supports this sector through the development of expert knowledge, advocacy, access to the national and international market, and an extensive network.

Because the NAG focuses on Airport Development & Infrastructure, Aircraft Manufacturing and Aircraft Maintenance, we are able to operate within the whole aviation transport system. With local NAG representation in Brazil, France, Turkey, and the United Kingdom, plus excellent contacts with embassies and consulates, the NAG has an extensive international network that can be put to use for its members.


Members of the NAG are at the forefront of the aviation industry in the fields of new materials, production technology, maintenance efficiency, airport development, and the passenger experience during flights and in airports. To stay at the forefront of the industry, members work closely together and development programmes are carried out involving several years’ commitment by research institutes, industry and government in order to realise the desired objectives.

Disruptive innovation is stimulated by giving start-ups an important role in the innovation ecosystem. The NAG plays an active role in this, encouraging the emergence of start-ups which focus on aviation and connecting them to members and to national and international market parties. In 2015, the NAG decided to establish itself within this ecosystem in order to make optimal use of the innovative potential of start-ups.

Aircraft Maintenance
Aircraft Maintenance
Aircraft Manufacturing
Aircraft Manufacturing
Airport Development & Infrastructure
Airport Development & Infrastructure

Developing expertise: Performance improvement

Besides technical knowledge, there is a need for companies with non-technical expertise in areas such as quality systems, HR and business processes. The NAG organises meetings and training sessions where expert knowledge between members is shared or possibly brought in from outside. In addition, the NAG also uses European programmes to share expert knowledge with other regions in Europe.
Segment meeting during NAG General Member Assembly

Representation and lobbying

Aviation is strategically important for the development of regions and countries. Therefore, the government is an important partner in virtually all aspects of the aviation industry, including regulatory measures, skills development and innovations. The NAG is recognised by the Dutch government as the body representing the interests of this sector. In addition, the NAG is directly involved in regional developments within the European cluster organisation EACP and the European trade association ASD.

Dutch King visits NLR

International business support

The market for members is chiefly abroad. Therefore, the NAG organises trade missions both to and from countries that have (potential) clients. Meeting clients and partners also occurs through participation in all relevant aviation trade fairs with national pavilions. Supporting organisations in the UK, Turkey and Brazil take care of market knowledge, from first meetings to continuing business cases.
NAG Trade visit Brazil


The strong presence of NAG staff in the national and international market has ensured an extensive network with governments and businesses that is continually updated. This network is essential to members and is actively shared, putting members in a preferential position to cooperate with each other against mutual competition. The sharing of each other’s network is therefore common practice within the NAG.

NAG TransnetAero final event

Our network: National, European & Global

Through the NAG and members’ network, expert knowledge and skills are made available to the sector and the market is made accessible. The network is the organisation’s most important asset and therefore receives all the attention:

  • The NAG has representatives that support members with developing businesses in the following countries: UK, Turkey and Brazil;
  • The NAG is recognised by the Dutch government as the face of the Dutch aviation industry;
  • The NAG annually organises about 15 international activities, such as trade missions and national pavilions on trade fairs, for its members;
  • The NAG represents the interests of the Dutch aviation industry within the European cluster organisation EACP and trade association ASD.