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Aerospace meets Health

Scout for crossover between Aerospace & Health

The NAG is organising in collaboration with the FME Cluster Zorg a new business workshop entitled: Aerospace meets Health, exploring crossovers between Aerospace and Health Care industries. 

Date: 27 January 2017

Duration: 12:30 to 17:30 pm

Location: Berenschot Utrecht (Europalaan 40, 3526KS Utrecht)

The purpose of this workshop is to look at those fields where knowledge from the one sector can provide new insights for the other sector. This session is to explore the possibilities between both industries for collaboration and common projects.

Based on the results from this workshop we will seek to continue this collaboration through round tables / sessions to work out the most interesting topics and ideas. 


• 12.30 Registration & Lunch

• 13.00 Begin Workshop: Welcome, objectives and goals

• 13.15 Presentation Nico van Meeteren (Top Sector Life Sciences & Health)

• 13.45 Presentation Gerard Majoor (Aerospace & Health)

• 14.15 Part 1: What could we learn from each other about processes?

• 15.00 Part 2: What we could learn from each other on systems level?

• 15.45 Part 3: What could we learn from each other about production?

• 16.30 Identify key themes

• 17.00 Develop key themes

• 17.30 Wrap up and network drinks

Who might be interested in this workshop?
Since we found no examples of crossover initiatives between the Aerospace and Healthcare industries in the Netherlands, we have organized this workshop for you. Because this is the first time that such crossover session would be organised, we invite you to take advantage of this opportunity. Come to this workshop on 27/01/2017 to explore the possible co-relation with each other and contact with the other sector representatives!

You can register by sending email to Diana Nikolova ( Do you have any questions you can call her at M: 0628128600 .
There should be max. 20 participants (please sign up one participant per company) to participate in this workshop (due to the available PCs). After your registration has been confirmed you will receive further information and homework. Participants should prepare and deliver the requested information prior the workshop, this input will be already part of the meeting, and therefore during the workshop there will be more time for better and further deepening.

There are no participation costs associated with this workshop. This workshop is co-funded by the MIT subsidy for Networking activities via the TKI HTSM.
Berenschot knowledge carousel
During the workshops, we use an electronic meeting system which can be used simultaneously by 20 people. Via this tool the information can be collected, processed and visualized.   

We hope to welcome you on 27 January 2017 in Utrecht:
Frank Jansen (NAG)
Diana Nikolova (NAG)
Joost Krebbekx (Berenschot)
Sidney Stokkers (Berenschot)
Edwin Dekker (FME)

Event details:

Europalaan 40
3526 KS Utrecht Netherlands

From: 26 Jan 2017
Till: 26 Jan 2017


  • Airport Development & Infrastructure
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Services


  • Training / Workshop

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