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[CANCELED] Future Planning Workshop

Note: After consultation with Martin Farmer - NAG's representative in the UK - it was decided to replace this collective meeting by individual consultations for the members. That appears to be a better solution.

The NAG together with Newland-Hardwick Ltd, NAG’s representative in the UK, will be organizing a workshop for SME Business Leaders. Businesses are sometimes forced by events to take particular and unforeseen courses of action. These events can range from the introduction of new technologies, new entrants into the market and macro issues such as Brexit! To help SME’s to deal with these issues in the right way, NAG and Newland-Hardwick Ltd teamed up for “The Future Planning” Workshop. This workshop will take place on March 19th, 2020 from 09.15 – 13.30 at the NAG in Delft.


The aim of the workshop will be to assist SME Business Leaders at thinking about planning for the future of their organisations, BEFORE they are forced to by events or committed to a particular course of action. The workshop moves beyond traditional business planning and helps organisations to consider how (and why) they might want to think more creatively about the future of their organisations and the environment they will be operating within.


Help participants to identify, & reflect upon the key challenges facing them and their organisation in the medium-to-long term. 
Assist participants to consider alternative approaches to meet the key challenges, looking more creatively at potential solutions (either individually or collaboratively) and thinking about how the process might be managed internally.

Workshop Outline 

The workshop will consist of two sessions with a ‘hands on’ approach, focussed on discussion and contributions from the attendees: 

Session 1: How do we recognise the real strategic challenges and ‘get ahead of the curve’? 
Session 2: Pre-emptive change: can we apply more creative approaches to future planning & how might the process be managed within the organisation? 

Suitable For 

Are you a business owner, director or manager within a small-to-medium size enterprise? Do you have responsibility for, or involvement in, the future strategic development of their organisation? Then this workshop is interesting for you!


The facilitators of this workshop are: Neil McKen and Martin Farmer. 

Time Schedule:

09:15    Welcome with coffee/tea
09:30    Session 1
11:00    Break
11:15    Session 2
12:45    Lunch
13:30    End of workshop

Number of participants

Martin and Neil work with a small group (8 – 12 participants). This helps enable them to active engage with all of the attendees. The workshop takes place with at least 8 participants.


NAG members can participate for € 250,-- (ex VAT) per participant. Non-members can participate for € 325,00 (ex VAT) per participant.

*NOTE: Cancellation is possible until February 10th, 2020.

We hope to welcome you on March 19th, 2020 at the NAG-office in Delft.

Event details:

Molengraaffsingel 10
2629 JD Delft Netherlands

From: 19 Mar 2020
Till: 19 Mar 2020


  • Airport Development & Infrastructure
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Services


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