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meeting/brainstorm about Sustainable Aviation Systems Technology

We would like to invite you to a meeting/brainstorm of the Special Interest Group Sustainable Aviation Systems Technology on Wednesday 31 May from 09:00 to 13:00 at RHIA at Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

The energy transition in aviation offers great opportunities for the Dutch sector – for current players, but also for new parties (start-ups and companies from other sectors). Some (see Mobility Fund and Luchtvaart in Transition projects led by, GKN, Toray, CA (HAPSS), NAC (HOT) and within EFC) have already found each other, but there are still gaps and therefore opportunities, for products, but also for knowledge and services. The aviation market consists of many sub-segments, each with its own requirements. For example, some segments are much more like the automotive market than others. Foreign parties do not stand still and also develop solutions to which we can contribute, but sometimes they are also competitors. In short, knowing the market well and spotting opportunities is an attention-consuming issue. The Special Interest Group Sustainable Aviation Systems Technology has set itself the goal of supporting Dutch companies and institutions in achieving their business goals in this energy transition, on the way to sustainable aviation. Learning together saves time and effort and speeds up the process. Fortunately, the government supports this in terms of R&D subsidy, but also in other forms. If we as a sector improve our approach and cooperation, we can also use that support even better.

Target audience
All members who already play a role or want to play a role in the energy transition in aviation.

The purpose of the meeting is:
Sharper definition of one or more collective NL business/value proposition(s), by improving national/cross-sectoral and international cooperation, and therefore:

  • Get a clear picture of what is already happening within the ecosystem of sustainable propulsion systems (including LiT, EFC, BOM ecosystem research);
  • Name where the gaps are and what we should pay attention to first;
  • Identify how we link the entire NL ecosystem to the theme of sustainable propulsion systems;
  • Bringing together parties that have not yet found each other (not at all or not yet in a way that is satisfactory to all).

 Meeting setup:

The idea is to be able to sketch the complete picture in one morning at the level of:

  • Market segments (large commercial, regional, sub regional, and local taxi/UAM)
  • Functionalities within the aircraft (fuel/energy storage, propulsion systems, support systems, lightweight structures) and around it - roles in the value chain (airport facilities, operations, maintenance, development and certification and production on an industrial scale, end of life, knowledge/ Human Capital, government policy and regulations, etc.).

N.B. In this way we can build up/further develop the business ecosystem for sustainable aviation in total, but at a later stage also easily make a comparison with other value chains such as automotive and maritime.

We need your help:
We would like to ask you to indicate your position in the value chain and which aircraft functionalities you are involved with per market segment (large commercial, regional, sub-regional, and local taxi/UAM) before the meeting on 31 May next. And also to see in advance where the gaps are and what actions are needed to work on them. We would like to receive your input for this no later than May 25.

To keep the entry barrier as low as possible, participation is also free of charge for non-members.

Rotterdam The Hague Innovation Airport (RHIA) at Rotterdam The Hague Airport

We hope to welcome you on May 31 at RHIA at Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Participating members

Event details:

Rotterdam Airportplein 19
3045 AP Rotterdam The Hague Airport Netherlands

From: 31 May 2023
Till: 31 May 2023


  • Airport Development & Infrastructure
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Services


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