Aviolanda Aerospace Woensdrecht

Address details:

Aviolandalaan 37
4631 RV Hoogerheide NL

Contact details:

Ivo van der Vlis
T: +31 164 820 208
E: info@aviolanda.nl
W: www.aviolanda.nl


  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Services

Location on the map:

Situated roughly halfway between the international ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, the Woensdrecht airbase has an attractive strategic location. This military airbase, which has been home to the aviation industry and training facilities for some 75 years, now forms the heart of Business Park Aviolanda: a joint development project involving government bodies, business and educational institutions.

Business Park Aviolanda and its surroundings have all the necessary ingredients for the site to become the leading European centre for aviation-related commercial activities. It represents an ideal location for companies looking to settle in the direct vicinity of the military airbase. The development of the site is being approached from the perspectives of sustainability, urbanisation and commerce, including considerations such as employment, living, workforce, education and research. And the site naturally offers excellent accessibility and top-level facilities such as the runway, park management services, hangars and international quality recognition awards.

Join us on board this project to benefit from the unique location and the international network, and take off at Business Park Aviolanda!