KVE Composites Group

Address details:

Laan van Ypenburg 56
2497 GB 's-Gravenhage NL

Contact details:

Jeroen de Vries
T: +31 70 307 4710
E: info@kve.nl
W: www.kve.nl


  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Services

Location on the map:

Located on the former Fokker-facilities at The Hague, Ypenburg, KVE Composites Group has been providing its services for over a decade.
KVE Composites Group designs and manufactures composite components in the medical, machine construction and defense markets. Employing the knowledge and experience of composites, KVE Composites Group is also delivering their services to the aerospace industries.
Maintenance and Repair Services delivered

  • Setup of repair concepts
  • Tooling design and manufacturing
  • Composites repair of structural components
  • Metal bonding / autoclaving
  • Personnel capacity