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Magelhaenstraat 15
7825 VL Emmen NL

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Sonja van der Voort
T: +31 591 632 205
E: sales@landes.nl
W: https://hittech.com


  • Aircraft Manufacturing

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When precision machining gets tough
This is not only our motto at Hittech Landes, it is exactly what we do on a daily basis: Our machining specialists work with micrometre precision, meeting the strictest standards of all industries with high quality requirements.  

CNC milling of complex shapes
One shape is more difficult to mill than another. And some shapes are really hard to produce, especially if micrometre accuracy is required.
At Hittech Landes we are specialised in this type of CNC milling. We have the people, the machines and the know-how. CNC milling at the highest level is what we do on a daily basis. We even have a name for it: high-end machining.

Free-formed surfaces
There are several factors which can make CNC milling more complex. One of these is free-formed surfaces.
CNC milling is usually done on the basis of Model Based Definition. All kinds of dimensions are specified in this definition. But not all of them. Some shaped surfaces arise from the combination of other parts, without the shape of that surface itself being defined.
Such a ‘free-formed’, undefined surface is a problem when the CNC milling is programmed. At Hittech Landes we solve this extremely well. But we admit, we’ve worked hard to get this far. It’s question of specialising, having the right equipment and software, studying what’s needed, being able to think in terms of a 5-axis approach and building up lots of experience.

Stability during CNC milling
Aluminium is a relatively soft metal which is ideally suited to CNC milling. However, because it is soft, it also bends easily. And that makes it difficult to achieve precise dimensions to micrometre accuracy.
In particular, CNC milling large objects and thin walls demands a special approach. Of course, our people have the necessary know-how. 
Many of the components we produce using CNC milling are incorporated into larger systems. This demands precision. And the larger the object, the tighter the tolerances, and the harder it is to achieve the exact dimensions.
At Landes we have temperature controlled measurement facilities to check if the CNC milling is being carried out according to specification. After all, we have a reputation to maintain.