Oerlikon Eldim (NL) B.V.

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Spikweien 24
5943 AD Lomm NL

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Ad Verbeek
T: +31 77 473 1919
E: eldim.sales@oerlikon.com
W: www.oerlikon.com/metco


  • Aircraft Manufacturing

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Forward-thinking OEMs develop strong partnerships with valued suppliers to achieve the competitive advantage critical to their success. Oerlikon Eldim, an Oerlikon Metco Company, is a preferred partner for all major OEMs involved in the design, development and manufacture of aerospace and industrial gas turbines. We take pride in establishing high quality, long-term relationships with a mindset of creating value for our customers. As a leading high tech manufacturer of gas turbine components, Oerlikon Eldim offers supply chain reliability, true innovation, technical expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to take projects from concept through successful production. Ever since it was established in 1970, Oerlikon Eldim’s business has been customer oriented. We take a proactive lead with our involvement at the earliest phases of development to improve the manufacturability of critical engine components. Our experience allows us to meet the challenging goals of our OEM clients and often exceeds their expectations. Using our production and engineering know-how, we continuously improve our internal processes, thereby benefiting our customers with improved value added and part-to-part repeatability. Combined with our ability to manage capacity planning, Oerlikon Eldim is a trusted partner committed to the success of our clients. Over the course of 40 years, Oerlikon Eldim has selectively extended in-house production processes to produce a focused range of specialized components. This comprehensive portfolio of manufacturing processes allows Oerlikon Eldim to develop and manufacture critical engine components as a “one stop shop”. Thus, we can easily adopt manufacturing processes to meet changing customer requirements, including challenges that call for modification to the original component design. The various components are processed in a state-of-the-art, cellular manufacturing environment with a focus on customer requirements and supported by lean manufacturing methods. This has translated itself into our company achieving high on-time delivery and quality performance.