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SACO Airport Equipment - Cargo Handling Solutions
With air traffic predicted to grow at an average rate of 8% per year, and in some areas even up to 20%, the amount of air cargo flown around will also increase tremendously. As a result, companies involved with air cargo face growing challenges on how to organise this and how to get cargo from and to their customers safely and on time. For this, SACO backed by more than 50 years of experience, offers ULD handling solutions ranging from basic systems for manual manoeuvring to fully mechanised and automated systems.
Based in Mierlo, The Netherlands, SACO designs, manufactures and supplies turnkey Cargo Handling Equipment and Systems. Due to the modular design of SACO’s units, it is easy to move, modify, extend and upgrade an existing system in phases when cargo volumes grow. Users can adjust investments to their needs.
Full after sales support, tailor made maintenance solutions and 24-hours service ensure a high performance standard throughout the system’s entire life span.
SACO’s systems have been successfully supplied and commissioned in many European countries, but also in India, Indonesia, Russia, U.A.E., USA, Canada, Curacao, Rwanda and Ethiopia.
ULD Handling and Storage Solutions for General Air Cargo
Based on 5 decades of relevant experience, SACO has a full set of handling equipment available to configure any solution that may be required. This includes storage and conveyor decks, truck docks, dolly docks, workstations, scissor lifts, ULD hoists, (elevating) transfer vehicles ((E)TV's, pallet masters / slave pallets, Depending on the required capacity, ULD storage systems can be based on ETV’s or on the Lift & Run principle incorporating multiple TV’s and hoists.
ULD Handling and Storage Solutions for Perishable Air Cargo
The handling of perishables such as flowers, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, and medicines etc. requires special attention. Not only is this related to keeping the cool chain intact, or segregation and storage in independent temperature controlled conditions, also the handling equipment is to be suited for the ambient conditions and dedicated handling requirements.
ULD Handling Solutions for Postal and Express Parcel
Speed and flexibility are of the essence with Postal and Express Parcel handling. SACO has developed a reliable set of standard equipment for ULD handling dedicated for this sector. 
This is mainly based on modular castor decks, roller decks, truck docks, and integrated weighing systems.
Cargo Terminal IT systems
SACO’s portfolio includes extensive solutions for the handling of air cargo ULD’s (pallets and containers). Ranging from conveyor decks, truck docks, dolly docks, build-up / break-down workstations, weighing systems, multi-level storage systems incorporating (elevating) transfer vehicles, to SACO’s slave pallet system to additional flexibility.
SACO’s turnkey approach enables the supply of cost effective integrated hardware and software solutions for the control and management of air cargo handling and storage systems. This can vary from a standard PLC control system to overall Material Handling Software and management IT-systems. 
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