Smart4Aviation Technologies B.V.

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Evert van de Beekstraat 104
1118 CN Schiphol NL

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Dirk-Jan Baas
T: +31 20 654 1824



  • Airport Development & Infrastructure

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Smart4Aviation Technologies BV

Smart4Aviation is committed to providing industry-leading applications that enables airlines and airports increase productivity and efficiency, overcome challenges, and improve operational awareness and communication across all operational domains.

Aviation experts and IT professionals

The company was created by a group of aeronautical industry experts, software developers and engineers sharing their efforts to fill the gap in the market of web solutions for airlines and associated companies.

Flexibility of solutions

We build the policy of continuous enhancement to set new paradigms for efficiency in airline operations.

Our commitment

Smart4Aviation develops applications, services and tools to:

  • Leverage automation to improve staff productivity and efficiency
  • Improve and facilitate communication across airline business units
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Streamline and simplify operational business processes
  • Increase operational awareness and safety

Automation leads to achievable productivity gains and process efficiencies. Our communication tools enhance operational awareness and improve decision making throughout the airline. Shorter and less frequent delays can be achieved, positively impacting on-time performance.

Our innovative technology and hosting solutions allow for direct cost savings in IT operating budgets.

Customer References

Our success in this industry is evident with our strong and rapidly growing customer base who continue to be a testament to our products, services and our professionalism.

Our customers are our best salespeople, and we encourage you to connect so they can share their Smart4Aviation experience.