TKH Airport Solutions

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Elektrostraat 17
7483 PG Haaksbergen NL


  • Airport Development & Infrastructure

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In a world that is changing so fast, the demand for innovative solutions is increasing tremendously. TKH Airport Solutions is the developer of Contactless Energy Data Distribution Airfield Ground Lighting: CEDD® AGL. A smart solution for Airports that increases the efficiency, safety and reliability of the AGL infrastructure. With our CEDD®  AGL solution, we seamlessly integrate the modern needs of airports with new airfield lighting technology.

Solutions made for harsh environments

Our solutions are made to function 24/7 in harsh environments; places that are exposed to the elements, where systems are beleaguered by immense forces − e.g. in airport touchdown areas − as well as places where ordinary people are required to do (maintenance) work that is stressful by definition. We make things as easy as possible.