Toray Advanced Composites

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G. van der Muelenweg 2
7443 RE Nijverdal NL

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Harm Albers
T: +31 548 633 933


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Toray Advanced Composites, formally TenCate Advanced Composite, is a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced composite materials for primary and secondary aerostructures, aircraft interiors, space launch vehicles, satellites, radomes, and high-performance industrial markets.

Our major production sites operate aerospace-quality systems and are certified to ISO9001:2015

and/or AS9100D, across Europe and North America.

Key technologies include:

Toray Cetex® thermoplastics – used for over 30 years in aerospace for next generation light weighting, ideal for high volume production

Thermoset composite materials – for space launch vehicles, satellites, radomes. Processible out of autoclave whilst maintaining high mechanical properties

Toray AmberTool® composites tooling prepregs – machinable to achieve highly accurate tools and smooth surface

Additionally, Toray Advanced Composites supply honeycomb core and Toray MicroPly™ resin films, syntactic films, and paste adhesives. Through our CCS Composites group, we provide compression molded part fabrication services.