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Planthofsweg 79
7601 PJ Almelo NL

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Reinoud Siezen
T: +31 546 545 570

  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Manufacturing
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Our business is the design, production, testing and repair & overhaul of highly complex turbo machinery, motor driven systems and critical high-precision components for the aerospace industry.

We continuously explore new production technologies for the manufacturing of complex aerospace parts. We heavily invest in innovative new techniques – like additive manufacturing – and cost effective production, challenged by our customers like Honeywell and United Technologies.

For the F-35 Lightning II we supply the revolutionary APU starter/generator; an essential part of the Power & Thermal Management System (PTMS).

We are also selected for F-35 PTMS Sustainment for all F-35s based in Europe and Asia Pacific, to be executed at our location at the Royal Netherlands Airforce Base “Logistiek Centrum Woensdrecht”, estimated to commence as early as 2019.
We are the designer of the APU Load Compressor and the exclusive manufacturer and maintenance provider of this system for the US Air Force Boeing KC-46A Pegasus aerial refueling tanker.

Focusing on the technology development for next generation electrical machines and electronic control units we achieve low weight, low manufacturing cost and high reliability.