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Roger Wierts
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Surface Treatment Nederland

Surface Treatment does exactly as its name suggests. It treats surfaces; more precisely, it develops and applies coatings to products made of aluminium or aluminium alloys. The coatings are applies to enhance durability in several ways, for example to increase corrosion resistance, hardness, electro-isolation, lubricating properties etc.

More than five coatings lines ensure that Surface Treatment can offer a large variety of services, all within respectable delivery times.
A flexible production planning creates the possibility of handling any combination of demands.
Surface Treatment can provide small and large quantities as well as covering all sizes of parts, from small to large. Highly trained employees and the necessary technical equipment also allow the combination of different coatings on one standard, which is highlighted by several quality certifications such as ISO 9001:2000, AQAP 2110 and NADCAP.