Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

Connecting our members towards international collaborations that boosts innovation and knowledge development within the aerospace sector. International cooperation creates jobs and income in the Netherlands and we strive to keep engaging in this area for our members.  MoU’s with OEM’s and Tier1 suppliers appear to be very fruitful instruments to align R&D challenges with the aim to end up with competitive products and services in supply chains.

Airbus MoU

The purpose of this MoU between NAG and Airbus is to establish a long-term strategic relationship in the field of sustainable aviation research and innovation, for both academic and industrial parties. The dedication of Airbus to connect with the innovative and robust Dutch industry and knowledge centres is welcomed to enable a sound return of aerospace after the pandemic.

An important link in this MoU is the Dutch Government. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure and Water Management are closely involved in this cooperation.
They want to successfully position Dutch tech companies and the manufacturing industry. After all, we want to remain and improve our innovation leadership. International cooperation creates jobs and income in the Netherlands.

Breakthroughs are needed for aviation to become more quiet and green. To realise CO2 reduction we focuss on sustainable aviation fuels and technological innovation, including novel aircraft designs and new types of propulsion. Inspiring each other and enter a new era for aviation together.

Within the Airbus-NAG MoU a diverse range of activities is being developed. These activities are meant to increase contact between Airbus and the Dutch aerospace and airport infrastructure ecosystem resulting in solutions for sustainable aircraft and supply chain opportunities for Dutch companies.

Scouting missions (virtual)
As the MoU was signed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the NAG came up with a virtual scouting mission concept that could start during these extraordinary times. On the basis of the technological needs of Airbus, the NAG organised virtual scouting sessions. The NAG brings together companies from the member base and the wider Dutch aerospace and airport development ecosystem. These highly technical session follow a set format: presentation by Airbus of the challenges faced or technology sought, followed by a presentation about the topic by a leading Dutch knowledge institute or company. The companies then have the chance to pitch their solutions, followed by in-depth break out sessions. Subjects that have been covered include: hydrogen tank, electrification, airport integration, circular economy, artificial intelligence and hydrogen safety. More topics will follow in 2023. For more information, please check the updates in the newsletter (subscribe on website) or contact the NAG.

Innovation missions

The Dutch Government organizes a broad range of missions focused on innovation and sustainability. These innovation missions  aim to offer Dutch companies the opportunity to explore the possibilities of collaboration abroad. Besides innovation there is also a lot of attention  for international business opportunities and network building. Innovation missions are initiated by the Dutch Innovation Attaché Network. Read a report of all the innovation missions in 2021 here on the website of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. The first sustainable aviation innovation mission related to the MoU took place in July 2022 to Toulouse. In 2023 there will be a sustainable aviation mission to Germany (Bremen and Hamburg). More information will follow soon.

Dedicated visits from Airbus experts to the Netherlands
The NAG also regularly invites key experts from Airbus to visit the Netherlands. During these visits diverse companies within the ecosystem have a chance to show their innovations and solutions.

Embraer MoU

The signing of the MoU is an important step towards the future and strategic relationship in the field of aviation and sustainability. The signing took place on 2021 at the Embraer office in Amsterdam.

Arjan Meijer, President & CEO, Embraer Commercial Aviation and Jackson Schneider, President & CEO, Embraer Defense & Security, signed on behalf of Embraer. Lex Besselink en Frank signed for the NAG. Constant van Schaik, CEO SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance and Board member of the NAG, and Mr. João Pedro Taborda, Head of Government Affairs for Europe at Embraer witnessed the ceremony.

The purpose of the MoU between NAG and Embraer is to establish further partnerships and strategic relationships in the field of aerospace and there is a strong focus on sustainability and the sustainable future of aviation. The MoU aims on continuously assessing opportunities in areas of collaboration, including research and technology in propulsion, structures and materials, and analysis of solutions in Sustainable Mobility, procurement and supply chain, including structures, interiors and systems; and MRO.

The MoU is driving an action plan that will lead to achieving the said aims. Scouting session will help Embraer and the Dutch eco-system in finding technologies fitting the objectives of Embraer. The scouting session about Interiors in October 2022 was a good example. Visits to and from Embraer will connect our members with the appropriate specialists at Embraer. An efficient governance structure will stimulate and safeguard the progress and expectations on both sites. Also part of the governance structure is the involvement of our Government. Our Embassy in Brasilia and Consulate in Sao Paulo are actively helping to contribute to the MoU activities. Our ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate is helping to combine their innovation strategy with the MoU goals. In this case the innovation mission in April 2023 is fully in line with the MoU.

The Netherlands is an important customer of Embraer products and appreciates the active position of Embraer to deepen their relationship with Dutch research establishments and industry. Such partnership and the implementation of the MoU will bring opportunities both for Embraer as well as the Dutch Ecosystem.