Membership information

NAG members are actively supported in the improvement of their competitive positions and international businesses.
The NAG offers a wide range of services and financial benefits to its membership.

Membership fees (2021)

The NAG’s current contributions are based on the following sliding scale which classifies the member company according to the number of employees whose work specifically benefits the aerospace and airport development industry.

Category 1:
0 – 25 employees
€ 2.969 per calendar year

Category 2:
26 – 100 employees
€ 3.707 per calendar year

Category 3:
101 – 250 employees
€ 4.831 per calendar year

Category 4:
251 – 500 employees
€ 5.929 per calendar year

Category 5
501+ employees
€ 6.673 per calendar year

Registration fee: € 3.329
The registration fee is a one-off payment upon registering for membership.


Cluster discount

Clusters of companies belonging to a consortium or holding receive a discount on their contribution. This does not apply to the registration fee. This percentage is determined as follows:

2 participants
10% each

3 participants
15% each

4 participants
20% each

5 or more participants
25% each

Starter membership

Especially for starter companies, the association offers for a limited period the opportunity to be a starter member. A starter is, in principle, a company that at the time of registration has existed for less than two years and has a maximum of four employees. The contribution is significantly lower, namely:

  • € 1.486 per calendar year
  • € 721 registration fee

The maximum duration of a starter membership is two years. After this, membership can be converted into normal membership. Regarding the registration fee, money already paid towards it will be deducted off the total amount payable.

In the context of our start-up programme, a special start-up membership package is currently under development.

Terminating membership

Your membership is renewed annually on 1st October. To end your NAG membership, written notice of termination must be submitted to the NAG office before 1st October.

Do you wish to enjoy the benefits and, together with the NAG, strengthen the Dutch aerospace and airport development & infrastructure industry in the Netherlands and beyond? Then become a member of the NAG!