NAG's Independent Experts Group

The NAG is helping their members and start-ups by offering the expertise of retirees, who recently stopped with their activities at one of the member companies and have affinity with the ideas of the NAG: to obtain a better market position by sharing knowledge and working together. The city of Delft sponsored the development of this capability.

This service is low-cost, non-committal and no contract is formulated. In addition, there are no legal commitments attached and the role of the retiree is limited to a maximum of two days per application.

The NAG offers retirees with knowledge on the following areas:

* The costs for this service are very limited. 125,- per half a day for a maximum of two days in total, a one-time matching fee of 100,- and travel expenses.

Independent Experts

Fred Abbink
Widely employable
Fred studied electrical engineering at TU-Delft. He is President of the Supervisory Board at NedAero at the moment and has been CEO at NLR. He is widely employable.
Rob de Wit
Marketing/Sales/Business Development/ Legal, General– and Projectmanagement, Supply Chain/PurchaseWidely employable
Rob holds a Master degree in Business Administrations. He occupied various higher management functions within Finance, Marketing & Sales, Program Management and Operations at Fokker Aircraft.
Dick Alta
Marketing/Sales/Business Development/LegalWidely employable
Dick is President of the Supervisory Board at Brinks Metaalbewerking BV and has had several M&S functions at Fokker Aircraft B.V. Since 1999 he was the CEO of Aeronamic Holding B.V. He can be employable for business operations and strategical issues and product- and market strategy and more.
Wim van Beinum
Widely Employable, Finance, Design and Production Technics/Processes, Marketing, Management, HR, QA
Wim studied at the Technical University Delft and is a member of the KIVI, Royal Institute of Engineers. He was Managing Director Aerospace Mainland Europe at Atkins B.V. His key experience is Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Management, Business Development and Entrepreneurship.
Frank Beuskens
Finance, Marketing/Sales, Projectmanagement, Subsidies/Loans, Innovation/Energy, Aerospace
Frank studied Aerospace at the University of Delft. He was involved in the development of the Fokker 50 and Fokker 70/100. He worked for Rijksdienst Voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) as a Senior Adviser Innovation Credits.
Vincent van Campen
Widely employable
Vincent was the Director Subassembly at Fokker Aircraft and President/CEO and majority shareholder of Avio-Diepen. He is widely employable with key experience in General Management.
Jan Gerrits
Widely employable
Jan studied chemical analyst at the Leidse Analysts School. He has experience at AkzoNobel as Technical Support / Global Manager / Aerospace Coatings (Civ. and Mil) and has been Member of the Board / Vice President of the NAG for a couple of years.
Willem van Iperen
Marketing/Sales, Projectmanagement, Supply Chain/Purchases
Willem has 30 years of experience as entrepeneur. He was a supplier of high-quality metals for the purpose of the Aerospace and Formula-1 Industry and has specific experience in international tailor-made Purchases and logistic activities.
André Mom
Production Processes, Marketing/Sales/Business Development, Management, Finance, Innovation
André studied Physics and Materials Engineering at Delft Technical University. He was the initiator and leader of several international working groups/programmes with the major players in the world (RR, Snecma, MTU, NASA, USAF, US Navy, NRC). He was managing director of the Dutch Gas Turbine Association from 1994 to 2010 and the elected President of the European Turbine Network ETN since 2005.
Wim Pasteuning
Production Processes,Marketing/Business Development, Management, Aerospace
Wim has experience in the development of Fokker Airplanes (50, 60, 70, 100), NH90 parts and the Gulfstream 5 tail. He has been part of several boards with different management positions. Wim is currently retired but still working as independent consultancy at Drago Consult.
Dirk Starink
Government and Organizational Relationships
Dirk started his career as Director of Materiel and Commander-in-Chief at the Royal Netherlands Airforce. After this he has had several memberships in Supervisory of Advisory Boards. In 2013 he got his Ph. D. in Humaniora at the University of Amsterdam.
Ger de Vlieger
Widely employable
Ger studied Technical Physics at Technical University Eindhoven. He has been Vice President of Interturbine OEM and Sulzer Metco Turbine Components. He has specific experience in general management and financial participation in start-up companies.
Fons Bingen
Widely employable
Fons studied Aeronautical Engineering at the TU Delft and holds a Master degree in airframe design. He occupied various positions with program management and functional management responsibilities in various Fokker companies (before and after the bankruptcy). His key capability is adding structure to existing processes, control, organization and information within a given strategic context.