NAG Courses

The NAG organizes two different courses each year:


The purpose of this training is to introduce participants to the aerospace requirements in AS/EN 9100 Quality Management system standard for the aviation industry and the associated certification scheme. After this training, participants will be able to assess whether the 9100 quality standard is useful in their own business situation and what the necessary actions are to enrol and get certified according the AS/EN 9100 standard.

This one-day training is intended for QA managers, quality assurance staff and managers responsible for implementing and applying the quality management system. Registration is open to both members and non-members of the NAG.

Participants must have a basic knowledge of the non-aerospace requirements (ISO9001: 2015) in the AS/EN9100 standard.

Introduction Course Aviation

Every year the NAG organizes an introduction course for new employee’s within the aviation sector. The aim of this course is to provide participants with an introduction to the aviation sector and the position of the Netherlands in the international aviation market in one day. It is often not easy for companies and organizations to free up time for updating employees who are new to this sector. However, it is important that employees have the basic knowledge of the sector, the market and the most important players in it. Topics that will be discussed include the current state of the Dutch aviation industry, trends and developments within the sector.

The presentations are given by experts who have years of experience within the sector.