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Intellectual property in innovation and collaboration

The National Growth Fund programme “Aviation in Transition” (LiT) involves large-scale cooperation between knowledge institutions, start-ups and scale-ups, SMEs and industry. The participants complement each other in building knowledge and skills, and by working together, the transition to sustainable aviation can be accelerated.

The aviation sector differs from other sectors because of its complexity and long time-to-market. Collaboration is necessary, but can also be difficult within an innovation project. For instance, how do you make good agreements on who owns the intellectual property, or the distribution of costs and risks, before launching an innovation in the market?

The subproject “Strengthening Ecosystem and International Cooperation” supports the aviation ecosystem to achieve the intended growth. Support includes coordination in certification, funding, community building. In the field of Intellectual Property, there is close cooperation with the Netherlands Patent Centre.

Octrooicentrum Nederland (part of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency) offers support in various IP fields.

Are you developing new knowledge or technologies? Are you doing this alone or together with others? It is wise to think about intellectual property at an early stage. What knowledge do you share when collaborating and who will own the innovation? What have others already protected and what rights can you get yourself? A patent, copyright and trademarks, but also trade secrets can be interesting to generate more business. The intellectual property advisers at Octrooicentrum Nederland will be happy to explain how this works and what advantages it can bring. They offer tailor-made support: independent, free of charge, regional and confidential.

Are you innovating in aviation? Perhaps you are running into the following questions:

  • What agreements should I make when multiple parties generate knowledge to contribute to a collaboration?
  • What forms of intellectual property apply to my company, invention or product?
  • Have similar technical solutions been devised before and how do I find out?
  • How do I make sure no one gets away with my invention?

For answers to these questions, Octrooicentrum Nederland offers various workshops, webinars and regional consultation hours that you can attend free of charge.

Below is an overview:
Workshops and webinars.

Want to know more about innovating together or protecting your product? Or would you like to know how patent information can save you time and money? Octrooicentrum Nederland regularly organises webinars and workshops on the following topics:

  • Dealing smartly with knowledge in collaboration: How to avoid pitfalls in collaboration?
  • Intellectual property strategy for SMEs: How do you get more out of your innovations with a customised IP strategy?
  • Searching patent databases yourself: How do you find relevant patents quickly and efficiently?
  • Patent Masterclass: How does the patent system work and what can you do if your patent is infringed?

Webinar and workshop calendar: Events (

13 June 2024: IP introduction rights protection

13 June 2024: Intellectual property rights and financing workshop (Emmen)

20 June 2024: Introduction to IP business strategy

25-June 2024: Search for patents Esapacenet

26 June 2024: Workshop Self searching patent databases (Zwolle, the Netherlands)

26-June 2024: Workshop Software and AI patents Life Science (Leiden)

26 June 2024: Masterclass Intellectual Property Rights (Doetinchem)

2 July 2024: IP Pitfalls in collaboration

One-to-one meetings with an intellectual property adviser in your area?
Do you have questions you prefer to discuss directly with an intellectual property advisor? Octrooicentrum Nederland’s advisers also work in your region. In Delft, advisor Michiel van Stapele holds IP-Office Hours every other week on Monday afternoons.

You can register yourself for an interview with a patent advisor via the application form: Conversation with a patent advisor – Home page (

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact:
Peter Kortbeek
Strengthening Ecosystem and International Cooperation
06 5139 1114