25 November 2020

3D Printing Cluster: Can 3D printing already be used in Aerospace?

On November 19th, 2020 the first (online) 3D Printing Cluster meeting took place. The Cluster is set up for all companies involved in 3D Printing. Both users and suppliers of the technology for engineering firms, research institutes and interested parties for the use of 3D printing in the future. 3D Printing has been around for many years but can it already be used in Aerospace? During this first session the central theme was acquaintance and introduction of the 3D-technology.

Marcus Kremers, CTO Airborne & Board Member NAG, gave a short welcome. Then three 3D-experts gave a presentations on:

  • Metal 3D printing:Marc de Smit, R&D Engineer by NLR-Netherlands Aerospace Centre
  • Plastic 3D printing:Remco de Jong, International Sales Manager by Bond High Performance 3D Technology (Bond3D)
  • Composite 3D printing:Richard Janssen, Business Development Manager – Additive manufacturing by Brightlands Material Center.

The speakers explained more about the various 3D Printing Technics with different materials. After this, the participants got the opportunity to introduce themselves based on a sheet. This sheet gave more information about the company they work for, why they are interested in 3D Printing and what they wanted to get out of this cluster meeting. Subsequently, there was plenty of time for a discussion and asking questions.  At the end of the meeting the participants showed their interest in a follow-up session.