8 February 2017 Cross-sectoral Workshops

Aerospace meets Health report

The objective of the “Aerospace meets Life Science & Health” workshop was jointly to seek cross-over themes leading to new technologies and business for the two sectors.

In the first part invited speakers gave inspirational presentations containing suggestions for possible collaborations between the two sectors. After that each of the three main themes – Processes, Systems and Manufacturing – were handled separately. New ideas were generated by e-board room tool. The present parties announce their interests for further involvement. The result of the 27-01 workshop is 2-3 best ideas, which will be further developed in additional sessions in smaller committee.The guest speakers (Patric Wender – Philips & Prof. Dr. Nico van Meeteren – Health~Holland) gave input on the challenges and the technological developments used as a base for brainstorming on three main themes: Processes – From the point of view of health and flying; Systems – Functionality improvement in care and aviation; Manufacturing – Cheaper and faster production of the systems.

Recent examples from the media for cooperation between the Aerospace and Health include: “The Care sector could learn from the Aviation safety to be safer.”, “Aviation Training makes Health care safer.”

Twenty five participants from industry and research institutions participated in the meeting on January 27th 2017, which took place in Utrecht at Berenschot – a collaboration between NAG and the Cluster FME Zorg. There were approximately twenty collective ideas generated by those participants. Industry initiators from both sectors will be invited to develop further these ideas. Afterwards smaller sessions will be organized by the NAG and FME Zorg to facilitate the further collaboration and possible projects initiations.

Details on the upcoming activities will be announced in the NAG newsletter and on the NAG website.

This workshop was co-funded by the MIT subsidy for Networking activities via the TKI HTSM. This cross-sectoral meeting was organized by a partnership between the NAG, Cluster FME Zorg and Berenschot.

If you have questions please contact Diana Nikolova,
E: diana.nikolova@nag.aero or
M: +31628128600

Click here to view the photo impression from 27-01-2017.