21 July 2021

Airbus Scouting Missions

In the frame of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that was signed between Airbus and the NAG in February 2021 the NAG has started bringing together Dutch companies and Airbus experts to further the technology necessary for zero emission aviation.

The first activity to come from the MoU was a “virtual scouting tour” that kicked off in May 2021. A series of in-depth online discussions connects the Dutch ecosystem (industry and knowledge institutes) with Airbus on upcoming challenges and opportunities in the journey to zero emission aviation. The aim of the first scouting tour was to connect Dutch parties with competences on Composite Liquid Hydrogen Storage Tanks to the Airbus ZEROe programme. This programme aims to develop three hydrogen fuelled platforms: a hybrid-electric regional aircraft, a short / medium range single aisle aircraft and a long range blended wing body. The NAG brought together ten Dutch companies who pitched their innovations to an audience of (45) Airbus experts.

In July, the NAG organized the second virtual scouting session with the focus on Electrification and Electric Propulsion. Nine Dutch companies presented their solutions covering topics like the “Hydrogen Aircraft Powertrain and Storage Systems” project, Electric Aircraft Development, Electric Motors and High Voltage & High Power Systems, Fuel Cells and other electric components, certification and electrification in other sectors. Airbus experts and the present Dutch companies engaged in further talks during the break-out sessions on Electrical Systems and Propulsion Elements and on Testing, Infrastructure and Operations.

These first two scouting missions were organized with advice from NAG-members including the Royal NLR, HAPPS, TuDelft and Toray Advanced Composites.

On September 15 the third Scouting Session will be held on Airport Infrastructure for Sustainable Aviation. For more information contact: Liselotte Zoetmulder Liselotte.zoetmulder@nag.aero.