17 September 2019

Aircraft Interiors Cluster, September 11th, 2019

On September 11th, 2019 a new Aircraft Interiors Cluster meeting took place, after some years of absence from the calendar. Safran Cabin hosted us in their experience room in Alkmaar to talk about the theme: “How can you acquire a position within the market? What does the market (structure) look like? What are the market expectations?”. Aircraft interiors isn’t the easiest market as a small player or start-up. It is important to share knowledge and expertise because partnerships are becoming more important in this matured market.

The meeting started off with a warm welcome by David Boreel, Sales Director EMEA, from Safran Cabin. He gave insight in the ways Safran Cabin works together with big aircraft manufacturers and with their suppliers, but also told us about trends within aircraft interiors. The link to the presentation of David Boreel will follow.

After this initial presentation, Andreas Schuster, Managing Director at Belgraver, presented the challenges and opportunities of a small player in this business. He then spoke about PMA’s (Parts Manufacturer Approval) and the certifications needed to get started with a PMA program.

Peter Vink, professor at TU Delft, then gave a presentation about design trends. He showed the importance of improving passenger experience and comfort. During this presentation, he also gave insight in the future of aircraft interiors by showing what students of the TU Delft are currently working on.

To end the session, Jan Verbeek, Vice Chairman at NAG & Partner/Senior Consultant at ADSE, gave a presentation about industrial and certification trends in the aerospace branch. He presented a number of trends concerning aircraft programs and product development & manufacturing, but also showed the developments in certifications including the driving forces behind them.

Because this was the first Aircraft Interiors Cluster meeting in a long time, we also had a discussion about the future of these meetings. Participants where enthusiastic about these meetings and expressed interest in having these meetings 3 times a year. The subjects for the next meetings were also discussed.

  • Partnerships are a necessity, how can we work together to find niches in this market;
  • Next session will include an elevator pitch from every participant to introduce themselves;
  • Customer experience, Flying V- design at TU-Delft;
  • Developments in cargo holds (below deck interior), which are also a big part of aircraft interiors;
  • There is a need expressed to invite airlines.

We would like to thank everyone that attended for their attention and participation in this session and we hope to see you in the next session.

The next session will take place on January 15th , 2020 from 13:00 – 17:00. Please note this date in your agenda. Information about location and program will follow.

SAVE THE DATE: The NAG is organizing the Holland Pavilion during the Aircraft Interior EXPO in Hamburg from 31 March 2020 till 2 April 2020. Liselotte Zoetmulder will be contacting you in the coming weeks with the options for participation. We hope you will join us there!

If you didn’t attend this session and would like to be invited in the future, please contact Wilma Pronk at: wilma.pronk@nag.aero