17 May 2021

Aircraft Structures of the Future in the Framework of Clean Aviation | May 28, 2021

In all parts of the industry we see that new developments are driven by principles such as sustainability to reduce contributions to climate change. In this respect, the aviation industry has already been under (public) pressure for a long time. But the problem is not the flying itself, the problem lies with the emissions that come from burning fossil fuels. If aviation wants to grow, it will need to transition to alternative clean fuels, more sustainable materials and greener production & processes. Several aircraft manufacturers have already expressed the ambition to have a commercial zero-emission aircraft ready by 2035.

This transition is not a “cut and paste” action and clearly requires research and developments in aircraft design. Changing the structures of current aircraft, in turn, brings opportunities for producers of alternative materials and production processes to enter this industry and help shape the future of aviation.

In our webinar, keynote speakers from the NLR, Airbus CTC and Airbus Innovations will address these topics and give us a better insight on the near future in our industry. Mark 28 May from 14:15HR till 15:45HR already in your agenda. You can register via this LINK.

This webinar is free of charge for Members of the Netherlands Aerospace Group but registration is mandatory! The meeting link & agenda will be sent to the final list of registered persons on 27 May.