3 August 2020

All you want to know about the Fact Finding Mission Airports in Brazil

Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America and its continental size makes aviation essential to bring regions together, connecting from the smallest local communities up to its cosmopolitan State capitals. This is the reason why the country has by far the largest air transport market of the continent. Being an emerging economy, it acknowledges that airport development is instrumental to support the country’s ambitions to expand tourism and global trade.

The RVO and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Brasilia started a pre-private public partnership for Sustainable Airport Development in Brazil. This programme aims to bring together a group of companies who will engage with the Brazilian market for a 3-year period with the goal of positioning themselves in this growing market. In preparation of this engagement, a study of the airport sector in Brazil was done by Marcelo Cantor. The report can be read here. The NAG is organizing a Q&A about the report in September as a preparation for the events organized by the Embassy. You will be able to ask your questions and engage in a discussion with Marcelo Cantor and the economic diplomatic network Brazil. More information will follow.

The embassy will organize several events in the coming year to highlight the opportunities for Dutch companies in the Brazilian airports market. In October, a webinar will be organized with the relevant Brazilian authorities about the concessions for different Brazilian airports. The webinar will be hosted by the RVO. More information will follow.

The current planning is that a Fact Finding Mission will be organized in April 2021. This will be a three-day mission, including visits of several airports in three Brazilian states, informative business events and match make possibilities, as well as a final bilateral seminar in the capital Brasilia. This mission gives your company a unique insight about the opportunities that the Brazilian airport market offers.

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